Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

When someone you care about is killed in a car accident, the shock and suddenness of the event can bring you physically and emotionally to your knees. If the loss of your loved one was caused by the negligence and carelessness of someone else, the death is that much more inconceivable. Unfortunately, someone is killed in a car accident every thirteen seconds in this country.

Negligence that Causes Fatal Car Accidents:

• Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs
• Distracted drivers talking and texting on cell phones
• Aggressive driving behaviors such as tailgating and intimidation
• Speeding and driving too fast for road and weather conditions
• Disobeying posted signs and traffic lights

The loss of a spouse, child, sibling or parent in a fatal car accident presents challenges even for the strongest survivors. Thousands of people are killed each year on highways across this country because of someone else’s negligent behavior. When someone is killed as a result of someone else’s willful wrongful actions, this is known as a wrongful death and the survivors of the victim are entitled to financial compensation for their loss.

Recovering Financial Compensation for the Losses You Have Suffered
Everyone agrees that no amount of money can repay you for the loss of a loved one, but those responsible for your loss should be held legally and financial responsible for your suffering. If you have lost a loved one in a fatal car accident, you can recover compensation for:

• Medical expenses
• Loss of income
• Loss of future earning potential
• Funeral and burial expenses
• Emotional and psychological trauma
• Pain and suffering of the deceased prior to their death

If someone that close to you has been in a fatal car accident, and you wish to seek financial compensation for your losses, then please call The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and Kelley at 530.221.8150, to speak to an experienced auto accident attorney.

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Finding Success In Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and KelleyThe wrongful death of a breadwinner is such a dismal situation that can bring deep emotional and financial drain to the dependent surviving family members. Being into this situation is not ideal and truly a disaster.

You want to dispel yourselves from being caught with events like this. Certainly, this can make your life miserable especially with the loss of our source of sustenance and survival. It can be presumed that the wrongful death of the breadwinner is indeed a misery or suffering.

After the death of a loved one, the surviving family member should learn to accept this reality and strive to move on with their lives. Regarding their suit for compensation for such loss, they should be proactive and act expeditiously to attain claim for damages at the soonest.

However, this process is not easy, as it may seem. In fact, it is far complex that the services of a Redding Wrongful Death attorney are extremely necessary. Engaging a professional help will lead your case to the best lights and success.

This article will guide the surviving family members in their judicial pursuit. The following are some information about the considerations, travails and mechanics of wrongful death lawsuits.

All about Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Typically, a wrongful death case involves an accidental or premature death of an individual that can be regarded to causes like the negligence of the defendant. It is far different from a normal negligence lawsuit. In wrongful death cases, the suit is filed by the dependent party, a family member, who has suffered from emotional and monetary damages because of the sudden death.

Each state has their own version of statutes or laws that deal with wrongful death cases, but mostly similar in some respects. 

Common from these cases however, relate that in obtaining compensation from the responsible party, it may or may not require the demonstration of negligence.

In general, the key elements of a wrongful death case that needs to be pleaded, proved and stood in lawsuits comprises of the following:

• That the death was caused or was the result of the negligence (or other liability) on the part of the defendant;

• That there is a surviving spouse, children, beneficiaries or dependents (entitled to monetary damages)

• That monetary damages have resulted from the victim’s death.

Monetary Damages Component

Generally, the monetary damages awarded to the surviving family covers replacement of financial support. It includes the estimation of other support to the survivors like household and childcare services and companionship. 

Other component damages sanctioned by the law or disposed of by the courts also comprise the entire award for monetary compensation.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Attorney

Living a peaceful and comfortable life, that is fruitful, delightful and complete is an aspiration of everyone. 

As much as you would like to, you want to free yourselves from any untoward events that would spell terrible hardships in your life. 

However, despite huge amount of self-protection and self-preservation is waged, mishaps and gloomy encounters may still come.

With these, whenever your family breadwinner or any family member dies prematurely due to the negligent conduct of another, it should be known that you have the right to bring a lawsuit in court. This is to ventilate your predicaments in court all for obtaining compensation for your loss. 

However, to do this, you need to heed the help of Wrongful Death Lawsuits Attorney to work with your case to obtain success in your compensation pursuit. This should be done at the soonest time possible in order to preserve your rights under the law.

Conferring with an attorney right in time will greatly boost your case and success in your compensation pursuit.
Call The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and Kelley to speak to a reputable wrongful death attorney that can handle your case. 530.221.8150

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Why Pursue Wrongful Death Settlement With an Attorney

You are entitled to wrongful death settlement if a family member or your loved one perished because of an accident that happened thru the negligence or wrongful act of another.

A Redding Wrongful Death Attorney will be of great help in pursuing your claim.

The law holds whoever is responsible for the wrongful death. The wrongdoer shall be liable for compensation to the beneficiaries and dependants of the victim. But the claim is far from easy. More often than not, it entails more hardship to the already grieving family of the victim.

The surviving spouse, children or even a surviving parent of the victim can institute wrongful death settlement claim.

The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and Kelley can represent claims arising out of a wrongful death, which can happen in any of the following:

•    Accident in the workplace

•    Car accidents

•    Premise accidents

•    Defective products

•    Exposure to hazardous chemicals and drugs

•    Plane crash

•    Assault, battery and other felonies

•    Nursing homes abuse

•    Animal attacks

To pursue successfully a wrongful death claim, the parties must remember that each state has different set of rules when it comes to wrongful death claims. A wrongful death settlement attorney is a great source of information as regards Statute of Limitations covering wrongful death.

An attorney can advise you whether or not you are still eligible for wrongful death claim suit or whether to litigate or not. If you opted for the second option, he will advise of other possible modes and avenue on how to get the best possible compensation for your loss.

Recoverable damages may often include:

•    Medical and funeral expenses

•    Lost prospect of inheritance

•    Lost love, care and services

•    Comfort expenses

These damages may include interest from the victim’s death until paid by the defendant.

Before going to the court, the insurance company of the defendant may try to negotiate for the settlement. It is advantageous to face the insurance company in equal footing by employing the services of a wrongful death settlement attorney, as the insurance company itself will be represented by lawyers.

After failure of negotiation, your wrongful death settlement attorney can represent you in court. This time, the judge will determine the right amount of compensation that you are generally entitled under the law and no longer the insurance company.

If the failure is due to the refusal of the insurance company to provide proper indemnity, going to court is the best possible option that you could take.

A wrongful death settlement attorney, after failure of negotiation and you decide to take the case to court, can be especially helpful in the gathering of evidence needed to prove wrongful death.

As the plaintiff, you will have the burden of proving that indeed the defendant is guilty of negligence or wrongful act, which caused the death. In this regard, the employment of a Redding Wrongful Death Settlement Attorney becomes a necessity that you will have to make, soon.

The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and Kelley contain experienced attorneys that can help you in a wrongful death claim. Feel free to call them at 530.221.8150

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Redding Wrongful Death Attorney: Solving the Mystery for you wrongful death might be direct or indirect, intentional or just caused by plain misfortune. Until sometime back, there was no formal provision for this kind of a wrongful death law. The obvious logic was that the claimant was dead in person and with him also ended his claims to his rights. But over several years of gradual transition to amendments and changes this Law was finally incorporated to benefit the remaining member of family to the deceased people. The credit for this huge transformation in a way goes to the unending toil and diligence put in by the credible and senior wrongful death lawyer and human rights activists.

However as it may sound, it is not that straightforward to file a case for wrongful death. You will need the help of a Redding Wrongful Death Attorney for support and guidance. Under the laws only some selective relatives are permitted to make use of this law with the guidance from lawyers to go ahead and file a case to be reckoned with. These select relatives can be legal heirs as in the immediate dependents on the deceased person. The list mainly comprises wife of the concerned person, his children, and parents of the deceased, dependent minors who have been staying in the house premises for a minimum of 6 months and step relations as well.

If we look back at some of the related statistics in this regard, we have some startling figures and facts which might be difficult to believe at the first instance. Studies show that such kinds of wrongful deaths happen at the alarming frequency of less than five minutes all over the world. More than a million cases of such wrongful death cases have been regularly recorded each year since the turn of the new century. Though most are still under trial and have not had any final outcome as yet, still the figures in it are sufficient to raise many an eyebrow. The broadly bracketed groups of such wrongful casualties are either motor vehicular or two-wheeler bound accidents or ones involving fatal falls, slips & fire-related cases of accidents.

From the jurisdictional angle there are also a host of considerations before they finalize the verdict, which is as heavy on someone’s pockets as is it a rewarding financial experience for the other. For instance the heir is adjudged taking the kind of monetary support the deceased victim would have managed to be a source of, for the heir throughout the entire span of the lifetime of the said heir. Also the cumulative losses from donations from the deceased victim that the heir stands to lose out on because of the untimely death. The sundry expenses including funeral costs and charges along with a monetary compensation for all household services are also taken into account before arriving at the final figures. However not to be unnerved by the complex nature of these intricate legal issues the best a layman can do from his end at the point of a wrongful death experience is to appoint a capable wrongful death lawyer. The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and Kelley are experienced wrongful death lawyers who can answer your questions. 530.221.8150

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Wrongful Death Lawyers That are There for You

Wrongful Death Lawyers in ReddingDeath can be a horrific event. If you have had a love one that has passed on due to a wrongful death there may be a solution that can make the grieving process a little easier on you and your family. There are several different types of death that can be considered a wrongful death. Recklessness at work or driving, medical negligence, pharmaceutical errors or dangerous, ferocious animal attacks could all be considered wrongful death. If you believe that your family member is a victim of a wrongful death, there is a law team out there that can help. A wrongful death lawyer in Redding or all across the nation is at your doorstep. They are there for you to make your grieving process easier.

There is so much that needs to be done after a loved one has passed. Medical bills, carrying out the will, finding a funeral service to hire and planning a funeral can be draining events. Not only are they draining events, but they are also draining events that cost a lot of money. If you have a loved one that is a victim of a wrongful death, let the best wrongful death lawyer in Redding help compensate you for your expenses. These are expenses that you shouldn’t have to worry about while you are in the mourning process.

So, how does someone know if they have a legitimate wrongful death case? Do some research online to find the best wrongful death lawyer in Redding or nearest to you. Make sure you type in all the correct keywords and phrases. After finding about three different law teams, get on the phone and call each one. Give them a detailed story and description about your loved one’s death. It is important to note that in most parts of the county only an immediate family member can make a wrongful death claim. After giving a detailed account of your loved ones death, the law team will be able to tell you how strong your case is and how much you are able to get compensated. After deciding on a specific law team they will set up an appointment with you and work out all the logistics for you.

There are several legal bridges to cross in a wrongful death case. That is why the best wrongful death lawyer in Redding is there to help. They are trained educated professionals that know exactly how they can help you. This is not their first rodeo. They are experienced and know just how to make this process as easy as possible.

A wrongful death lawyer in Redding is worth it. You shouldn’t have to pay more for a death that wasn’t caused by nature. That is why a wrongful death lawyer in Redding is worth it. Don’t make the grieving process harder on yourself than it has to be. Let these trained professionals take some of that weight and put it on their own shoulders. That is exactly what they are trained and educated to do. Let them do it for you.

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